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Atheist and non-christian confessions

Vadjih Nuseibe, Muslim, doorkeeper of the church of Holy Sepulcher Israel, Jerusalem, (2001)
The doorkeeper of the church narrates about his work and testify the Holy Fire as the miracle of God he believes in.

Nonorthodox Christian

Paul Walther, western pilgrim (1481)
Describes three groups of participants in the ceremony of Holy Fire.

Marthame and Elizabeth Sanders, Presbyterian Church, Chicago USA (2002)
Describe their presence in the Church, liturgy, washing by the Holy Fire and ceremony after descent of Holy Fire.

Orthodox Christian

Daniil, Russian Orthodox Abbot (1106-1107)
The ceremony of Holy Light is described in details. The author mention about participants of the ceremony, describes as Holy Fire appears, mention that Orthodox oil-lamps lights on itself. Says that the fire does not burn first time.

Arsenius, Russian Archimandrite (1345)
Describes how candles was lit by Holy Fire.

Dimitrij Vladimirovich Dashkov, Orthodox, embassy advisor, Constantinople (1820)
Describes shortly as Holy Fire appears in Kuvuklia, according to narrations of Orthodox clergy and dwellers of Jerusalem. Describes the celebration of Great Saturday in Jerusalem by believers of different faith. Describes the ceremony of Holy Light in church of Holy Sepulcher, mentions that fire does not burn.

Monk Parthenius, mount Afon (1845-1846)
Detail narration about pilgrimage in Holy Land. Describe litany of Holy Light, control under Patriarch of Turks, event with Armenians and conversion of Turk Omir. Narrates about lightening of oil-lamps.

Diodorus I, Patriarch of Jerusalem Orthodox Church (1938-2000)
Patriarch describe the right of Holy Light say about his feeling when he received the Holy Fire, narrate in which manner the miracle occurs, how Holy Fire differs from year to year. Describe the Holy Fire and it's peculiar features, and many other unusual and miraculous what happens on Easter Saturday in church of Holy Sepulcher.

George Georgiadis, pilgrime, Australia (1985)
Describes flashes, speaks that unlit candles of some worshipers lit of their own accord.

Kefalas Petros, pilgrime, Greece (1994)
Historical overview. Description of the miracle (preparation of the holy sepulchre, the ceremony of the holy light, how the holy light comes out). In general for the Holy Light. Testi-mony of author. Photos.

fr. Antonios Stylianakis, pilgrime, Greece, Thessaloniki (1994,95)
Author narrates about lightning, ignition of oil-lamps and candles. He fixate on video unique phenomenon - flaming ball which move through the Church (photo and video provided). Author talk about miracle and its missing.

Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias, Greek Orthodox, Jerusalem, (1996)
Describe unusual phenmenon when on right of the Holy Light over the dome of the church of Holy Sepulcher crosses of light appeared.

Metropolitan Vasilis, Delegate of Jerusalem Greek Orthodox Patriarch Diodorus I, Jerusalem,(1996)
Also describe unusual phenmenon when on right of the Holy Light over the dome of the church of Holy Sepulcher crosses of light appeared, testifies the Fire does not burn.

Svetlana Pokrovskaya, Russia, Moscow, (1997)
Author narrates about nonburning fire, self ignition of oil-lamps, lightnings and light un-der altar of Resurrection Church. Mention prediction about non-appearance of the Holy Fire.

George (Urij) Rehin, Russia, Moscow, (1997)
Short narration about the rite of Holy Fire. Appearance and unusual features of the Holy Light is described.

Boris Timurovich Babilua, Orthodox, St. Petersburg, Russia (admittedly 2000)
Personal impression about spiritual conditions during miracle of Holy Fire. Narration about spontaneous combustion of candles during the ceremony of Holy Fire. Some facts from history of the church of Holy Sepulcher. An accident with Armenians in Middle Ages. Believes connected with Holy Fire.

Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D., Greek Orthodox (2001)
Miraculous bleeding of The Savior icon in Church of Holy Sepulcher on Great Friday before descending of Holy Fire is described. This bleeding, took place three times according historical investigations. Each time this portended tragic events.

Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D., Greek Orthodox (2002)
War and Christian celebrations. Expression of author from visiting celebrating. Author inform what her acquaintances saw.

Sergii Peichev, USA, New York, Russian Church Abroad (2002)
Author narrates in details as Holy Fire come from kuvuklia. He narrates about fire balls seen by monk. Author say Holy Fire descend two times.

Dimitrius Khoury, Greek Orthodox, Jerusalem (2002)
Narrate about the house of Greek Orthodox Khoury family, it members have been serveing as priest in Jerusalem church of Holy Sepulcher since XI century. Man testifies authenticity of miracle of Holy Fire.

Eugene Daniel, BBC local contributor, Birmingham (2003)
Narrates shortly about miracle of Holy Fire and about nonburning fire.

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